Want to improve your customer retention and increase revenue? 

Would you like...


A better understanding of your customers' needs.


An understanding of what your customers feel is really important to them?

Customers to be able to contact you more easily.


To reduce the frustration of customers who are unable to get the help and service they require within a timely manner. 

An increase in sales leading to an in increase in revenue as a result of improved customer service delivery.

We help by offering:

  • A site visit to analyse customer experience

  • An audit of how user-friendly your website is

  • Monitoring of the response rate and the quality of the response to phone, voicemail and email systems

  • An audit of your customer service functions tailor-made to your needs

"The report from C & S has made me review a number of areas of my website that it's clear to me now (due to this report) need to be improved on.

Whatever your line of business is, I simply can't recommend this service highly enough. Oh and by the way, it’s incredibly low cost and for that tiny amount of money the rewards could well be massive. 

Thank you for opening my eyes to see what my customers see and what they need to see."

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you genuinely don't think this audit was valuable, simply don't pay

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